uWSGI Unauthorized Access Vulnerability

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uWSGI is a web application server, which implements protocols such as WSGI/uwsgi/http, and supports for various languages through plugins. More than an application name, uwsgi is also an exchange standard between the front-end server and the back-end application container, just like Fastcgi.

uWSGI allows configuring back-end web application dynamically through Magic Variables. If the port is exposed, attackers can construct uwsgi packets and specify the magic variable UWSGI_FILE, so as to execute arbitrary commands by applying exec:// protocol.

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Environment Setup

Enter the following command:

docker-compose up -d

http://your-ip:8080 is a web application and its uwsgi is exposed to 8000 port.


Using poc.py,you can run the command python poc.py -u your-ip:8000 -c "touch /tmp/success"

Entering the container through docker-compose exec web bash ,you'll see /tmp/success creating successfully:

Copied From: vulhub/uwsgi/unacc